Deactivating Your Snapchat Account

News 08:02 February 2024:

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Basically, Snapchat is a wonderful application for everyday use. Additionally, advertising agencies find this social media platform very beneficial because it allows them to gunner more snapchat followers and market their products more effectively and precisely to their potential customers. However, a time may come when you feel that you have had enough of the Snapchat application. If and when this time comes, you can erase your Snapchat account with a lot of ease. You also need to note that deleting your profile will permanently get rid of your account from the Snapchat servers.

To deactivate your account, you should use this procedure:

  • Navigate to the home page
  • Select the ‘Learning the Basics‘ option from the support section of your Snapchat account
  • From the availed options, select the ‘Account Settings’ option and then tap on the ‘Delete account’ option.
  • This will take you back to the login page where you will be required to enter your password to authorize this action.

Deleting your snapchat account is permanent and you will have to look for new Snapchat followers if you decide to open an account with Snapchat later on.